Our Check in procedure

Our apartments are available earliest at 4:00 pm. A late self check-in is possible.

How can I see the availabilities?

The best way to see the availabilities is to go to the description page of the apartment (see home page) and from there you will see the calendars. Occupancy is up to date. Dates shown as available may have been requested but with a stay not yet confirmed (A booking is confirmed only after payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount).

Select your dates and the system will return the best rate available according to the period of the year and the length of the stay you selected. Enter a credit card to pay the deposit (30%).

How can I see the costs?

Kindly use our online system and follow step by step what is explained on the website: go to the dedicated page of your selected apartment, select your nights (do not select the day of departure since that night will not be part of your stay) and continue. The system will come up with the best offer considering the length of stay and period of the year.

Do I need a car when travelling to the French Riviera and staying in Mandelieu-La Napoule?

No, a car is not absolutely necessary when staying at our apartment in La Napoule.

The French Riviera is one of the most famous and so busiest parts of the world in the Summer and you will not be alone on the road. So why waste time and nerves in traffic when it is not needed? Our personal recommendation dictated by experience is this: make the trip by train or plane and rent a car for the days you want to make trips to the backcountry.

The apartment that we rent in La Napoule boasts a great location and is very easy to access. SNCF Mandelieu La Napoule Train Station is only 200 meters away on the back of the residence (and no noise because the track is buried). From this station you can reach all the coast of the French Riviera: Cannes (7 km), Antibes, Nice, Monaco, St Raphael, but also all the small stations in the nearby Esterel mountains to go for a walk during the day ... Connecting at Cannes or St Raphael, you get access to a wide range of TGV trains to the rest of the country. The car will be essential if you want to explore the hinterland. See our special page with ACCES card and other useful information.

All shops are within a 300 meters walk: supermarket, delicatessen, butcher, rotisserie, restaurants, newsagent, pharmacy, post office, florist ... Bakery and hairdresser at the corner of the residence. The huge shopping mall is only 1200 m away, reached by a pleasant walk along the river Riou and Golf Old Course. The casino is 500 meters from us along the seafront.

All luxury shopping you could want is in Cannes, 7 km away, easily accessible by train or bus.
But if you want to discover the villages of the hinterland, a car (with a GPS) will still be very useful. If you do not have your own car, it is easy to rent one. Here's a good broker: Holiday Autos, with online booking. This is the car rental site that we use ourselves when we travel around the world.
Important: rent the smallest possible vehicle. If you rent a car less than 1.67 cm wide you will be able to access our underground private parking. You will also find it easier to park and it will be easier to drive on twisty roads and in the very narrow streets of the villages in the hinterland.

What about parking?

Good news !!! We have now an underground garage for small vehicules.

The space is narrow, as walls were added left and right. So this would only be for small cars, like Fiat 500 or Smart, or another car with a maximum width of 1.67 m. I have a list of cars that adjust this maximum width. If you fly to Nice then it is the opportunity to rent such a car.
There is a high demand for this type of car because they are also the best to discover the narrow streets and small villages uphill. Or just to find a parking space in the cities faster. Unfortunately, as there are always too few of such cars, car rental companies usually try to satisfy the customer with a larger car. Of course, such an upgrade should not be accepted here if you wish to use our underground garage.

If your car is bigger, there are many free places available along the avenue in front of the residence. Except in peak Summer time you will almost always find some free space available just in front of the residence. There is also a free parking near the station in the village center (a 250 meters walk). As well as a large free car park opposite the casino (500 meters, with always space available). And finally, on the harbour, right in front of the residence, there is the pay guarded parking of the marina.

Room and baggage service

As we are renting private self catering apartments we are unfortunately unable to provide any usual hotel services such as room or baggage service.

Pets are not allowed


Cancellation and travel insurance, some guidelines

Since we published our guidelines about travel insurance the UK government also published a very complete file about the subject. It starts like this: "Your credit card accident cover, home insurance, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or private health cover is not always sufficient."
Very useful information indeed. Here is the link: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-insurance

On our side, we have no special agreement with any particular insurance company, however, every year we are facing situations where little foresight travelers are obliged to cancel their trip but had not taken the precaution (despite our insistent recommendations) to subscribe a cancellation insurance. For trying to save a few dollars, they lose their deposit. As deposits are not refundable, we strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance (see our terms & conditions).
Here is some information collected on the website of the insurer Mondial Assistance ...
"You spend plenty of time and money planning your holiday. Cover from Mondial helps protect that investment. Think of all the things that can affect your trip: a medical emergency, a weather delay, lost luggage, and more."
Some situations that can happen not only to others ...
- Missing his plane
- Getting sick
- Losing luggage
- Theft or loss of passport before flying
- Losing a job
- Being transferred
- Being summoned to an examination
- Illness, Accident, Death of a family member
- Worsening of health
Because travelling abroad requires a minimum of precautions before departure, we recommend that you purchase a travel / cancellation insurance. 
Insurance companies often offer several levels of insurance, you choose one that covers you best.
Skipping the travel insurance is a wrong saving!
If you were obliged to cancel your stay with us for a reason covered by your cancellation insurance then the amount you have paid will be refunded by your insurance. 
We advise you to insure your accommodation but also for the rest of your trip, including the transport part.
Few cases that we already encountered
- Loss of baggage
- Loss of employment
- Relocation of employment abroad
- Worsening of health
- Surgery
- Illness of a close relative

Where subscribe a cancellation insurance?

Here is a reliable link to a company that many of our guests have subscribed to. They have an easy online subscription system that will request that you enter our contact details (see bottom of each website page). We will be automatically informed when you have subscribed. Their premium is very reasonable at 4,5% only, including a damage insurance during the stay. Instant booking available on their website: https://www.albinet.fr/en/adar-holiday-rental-cancellation